Our state certified Pest Management Professionals have the training, know-how, and resources to assure protection of your property from all types of destructive pests. We're experts at Integrated Pest Management and follow Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices (BMPs). 


Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA)

Local members belong to the largest number of Pest Management Professionals of any state association in the country. Resources include a professional staff, lobbyist, and a working relationship with state regulators and legislators.


National Pest Management Association (NPMA)

Members of the National Pest Management Association are part of the largest membership association in our field. Their networking opportunities and educational resources mean members are always up to date on the latest techniques in Pest Control.

Florida Fumigation Advisory Council

Fumigators, regulators, manufacturers, distributors and insurers join together to make the industry the safest it can possibly be. Together these members have initiated significant changes in the business of fumigation in Florida.

Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices, also called BMPs, are guidelines advising producers and applicators how to manage the water, nutrients, and pesticides they use in order to minimize agriculture's impact on the state's natural resources. BMPs were developed as part of the implementation plan of the 1999 Florida Watershed Protection Act that was passed to provide Florida compliance with provisions of the 1972 Federal Clean Water Act (FCWA). BMP guidelines are based on best available science. Pioneer Pest Services endorses the fertilization, irrigation, pest control, and cultural practices in the manual, including fertilizer rates, application methods, setbacks, and timings.